"Yeah, let me sleep it off. Try not to be hard on yourself was all I ever heard from her. I finally think I understand what she was saying to me. Because nothing’s worth the pain in your back, believe in that. The world can take control but don’t ever lose your heart. Because I know you better than that. Can you hear me? Well, I don’t even care. I’ll stop my screaming if you look the other way. It’s been a bad year so let me sleep in one more day. I really found the simple things live closest to your home. I’m not alone because I live inside a world that is my own. I haven’t found what I’ve been looking for yet, but you can count on me to stay forever."
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Although they do look cool under a UV light and is suitable for those who want a tattoo without the social consequences, the ingredients used for a UV tattoo aren’t 100% safe. There has been reported numerous cases of skin rashes, blisters and infection. These is some concern that they may contribute to cancer because they contain phosphorous.  (Source & More Information)

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Steve Burns or ‘Steve’ from Blue’s Clues explaining his inner struggle between which Steve he is. With the help of a stripper and his nerdy friends Steve is able to understand his life more clearly.

This just made my childhood.

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